A Liberian nurse who was featured on the cover of Time magazine when Ebola fighters were named Persons of the Year, has died shortly after giving birth in a most tragic, heartbreaking way. Salome Karwah, top left, contracted the virus, was able to recover from it, and devoted the rest of her young life to helping victims. When she developed complications after giving birth to her fourth child, she was taken to the hospital, but the nurses there would not touch her or attend to her. Effective treatments exist for her seizures, but she was allowed to convulse alone. Experts blame a lingering stigma even against survivors of the virus, as if touching them would somehow bring it back to life. When nurses refuse to treat even another nurse who objectively represents no threat to them, it shows the depth and power of the superstition in Liberian society – and just how much our Cuttington University nursing students and faculty are up against in trying to fight ignorance with knowledge – and the importance of our Daily Office Network’s financial commitment to support the students’ education. We don’t know whether Salome Karwah was a Cuttington nurse – but she sure sounds like one. We mourn her unnecessary death and renew our commitment to our cousins in Bong County.

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