Mission Partners


The Daily Office Network has two purposes:

• to help proclaim that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, the Messiah and Savior of the world;

• and to put Morning and Evening Prayer services online in a convenient, illustrated format for the edification and empowerment of the saints.

Our Proclaiming mission is evangelical, directed outward to the world at large in English and Spanish, while our Praying mission is intercessory, directed inward to the care and nurturance of the souls who make up the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, and then directed outward with prayer for the world’s healing and peace.

“Mission” is part proclaiming the Gospel and part feeding and healing people. We are proud to support these mission partners with 11% of our budget.

GLORY is a youth ministry at the Rosebud Episcopal Mission on the Lakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, teaching children to dance and sing. Other programs include bullying and suicide prevention, including a locally produced comic book by students for students, in the public schools, cultural preservation and celebration, and practical help with heating supplies during the brutal winters where every year, someone freezes to death for lack of money and fuel. (The Rev. Lauren R. Stanley)

Rosebud Episcopal Mission, South Dakota

The Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota offers an active ministry on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, including a dozen churches with programs for children, youth, suicide prevention, cultural pride, advocacy and home heating supplies.

Dedication of St. André’s School, Mithon, Haiti, 2014, built by the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis. It has survived earthquakes, hurricanes and disease, and grown to serve 200 students, many of whom wouldn’t get lunch, much less lessons, without us.

St. André’s School, Mithon, Haiti

With the Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis, we help sponsor Lunches and Lessons to 200 pupils, K-6, in the impoverished village of Mithon. We buy lunch for the students and help pay their teachers’ salaries, because the best way to lift Haiti out of poverty is to educate its children.

A Liberian nurse from Cuttington University was featured on the cover of Time magazine when Ebola fighters were named Persons of the Year in 2015. Cuttington Nursing students and faculty did heroic work alongside the U.S. Navy helping to educate the public, containing the disease, providing treatment, running lab tests and even burying the dead. We are proud to be associated with them by offering a full-time, tuition-paid, renewable scholarship to a promising, dedicated student nurse.

Cuttington University School of Nursing, Liberia

Cuttington University is known as the “Harvard of Liberia,” and its professional School of Nursing won international praise for its effective response to the Ebola epidemic a few years ago; the U.S. Navy used Cuttington Nursing’s facilities and personnel to direct the U.S. military’s humanitarian efforts. Every Cuttington nurse helps improve public health in this West African nation with historic ties to the United States and to The Episcopal Church.

Easter party 2016 for the children of Brasilia’s Anglican Community Center, which helps fill a yawning educational gap in the public schools. When you click our Donate link, these kids are some of your beneficiaries. (Bishop Mauricio Andrade)

Anglican Social Center of Brasilia, Brasil

Public schools in inner-city Brasilia are only open a few hours a day, and every year students fall farther behind their peers. The Anglican Social Center, another IndyDio partner, helps bridge the educational gap, with lessons in language, math, sciences and computers.

We’re pleased to add our newest grant recipient, the Haiti Nursing Foundation, which supports scholarships at the Faculty of Nursing Science of the Episcopal University of Haiti. This builds on our similar relationship with the school of nursing at Cuttington University in Liberia. We believe the best way to improve public health in these nations where poverty is widespread is supporting the professional education of nurses; these are some proud graduates. (Haiti Nursing Foundation)

Faculty of Health Sciences, Episcopal University of Haiti

The Episcopal University in Leogane, Haiti hosts the nation’s oldest, biggest nursing school, and 95% of its graduates remain in Haiti years later to staff clinics and hospitals, and provide health education. Our support of nursing schools is our most strategic investment in public health in developing nations.

You Can Help

As an online-only congregation, we know that we can’t organize a pop-up clinic in Liberia or build a school in an obscure Haitian village – but we can support those who are already doing these things and more. That’s why we commit 10% of our annual budget to these life-giving (in some cases, lifesaving) projects.

It may be hard for any individual to be a missionary, but together we can all be missionaries and evangelists – as every Christian is called to be. So help us help the people on the front lines battling disease and offering hope – add your voice to ours and click here.