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Bishop Azakiah was born to Christian parents in Tamil Nadu; his father was an Anglican priest but their ancestors were Hindu. His father died when he was only 10, and he was sent to Christian boarding schools; at one, he founded an anti-caste society. He went to college and studied mathematics but didn’t graduate, instead becoming an evangelist for the YMCA, where he met John Mott. He married a Christian woman, Ambu Mariammal Samuel, “the most spiritually minded girl in Tirunelveli,” breaking customary wedding practices along the way; they wrote to each other beforehand instead of the Big Reveal as it’s usually done, dispensed with a dowry, got married on a Wednesday and spent almost nothing doing it. The man was a trailblazer, the spiritual father among Anglicans of the ecumenical Church of South India, founded two years after his death.

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