The Daily Office Network is an online congregation
publishing Morning and Evening Prayer
3,650,000 times a year,
at a cost of 2¢ each.

In addition, we webcast live services almost 600 times a year (never on weekends). We welcome 350,000 visitors every year, equaling the National Cathedral. We have our own Christian radio station and podcasts ready-on-demand. Yet we have the carbon footprint of an LED light bulb and the budget of a PTA.

We have come to cherish the notes many of our mail-in donors include with their checks. It’s an honor to receive them. During pledge drives we read a few anonymous excerpts on our webcasts, which has proved quite popular. Thank you so much.

Jesus Knows Technology™.

Attention, Current Monthly Pledgers

M.W. Stodghill
K.B. Young
W. Weightman
G. Seamon
S. Reeve
Medicine Tree
J. Stadel
M. Corrigan
T. Smith
V. Scott
K. Koenig
R. Blaisdell
W. Davis
S. Sliger
J. Beebe
A. Durbridge
R.L. Buzzard
B. MacDowell
M. Ward
S. Kern
R. Schaupp
M. Nelson
D. McNeill
M. Bradshaw
J. Fitzgerald
S. Keeth
A. Bush

Many kind donations to the Daily Office Network are still going through the Diocese of Indianapolis, but we have cordially separated our finances from them. We ask that you cancel your old monthly donation and restart it by going to the top of this page and clicking the Donate button. You’ll be using our unique PayPal account and can raise or lower the amount, designate a new memorial for a loved one or honor the living. We pray for our donors and their remembrances every Sunday of the year.

Please note, this list is from August 2018, the last list we received from the Diocese. (It’s out of date. If you’ve already made the switch, please accept our thanks and notify the Vicar by leaving a comment below.) Now the Diocese just cuts us a lump-sum check and omita all names and details, ruining our record-keeping.

The Diocese of Indianapolis has never misappropriated any money meant for us. But it’s a hassle for them and causes a big delay for us.

We emailed each of you with this request when the Diocese released the list. So we’re trying this method instead, hoping more of you will see it. We don’t want to embarrass anyone (much less our donors!), so we will remove your name once we hear from you. Again, thanks.

Josh Thomas
Lay Vicar

What We Do with Your Money

We believe, with John and Charles Wesley, that the best way to conform our lives to Christ is to pray the Daily Office every day, and receive Communion every Sunday. Pray with us twice a day, every day for 30 days, and You’re Bound to Get Closer to God™.

There is no limit to what the Holy Spirit can do; that’s not a trademark, that’s a fact. Here’s another: we have 7000 daily e-mail subscribers and Facebook members, and we want to keep growing 40% a year.

We need your help to keep this up! We have upgraded all four websites – English, Spanish, Asia-Pacific & Daily Office Radio – with widescreen graphics and live interaction. We are a community, in ways other social media will never be; it’s the most important thing about us.

People who say the Daily Office regularly gain such spiritual awareness that when we bring them together with interactive (and inexpensive) webcast technology, the results are astounding.

We listen to each other read Scripture, chant and pray, and learn a lot about each one’s spiritual journey that way. Close friendships in the Lord develop quickly and naturally. We know we can count on each other, because we see the results in our midst. When one of us hurts, we all hurt; when one of us celebrates, we all do.

We have a lot fun together, while engaging the most serious questions a person can ever face. Most who have tried us never want to miss a service. But instead of becoming a clique, we’re open and welcoming to newbies, because we’ve discovered that each one of us has so much to contribute.

We invite you to drop in on one of our live services anytime. You don’t have to speak or participate in any way; just listen to the sound of these voices, and you may never want to leave.

Every day we try to give our members a little glimpse of heaven. And when that “Aha!” moment arrives, we all know it.

So we’re back again the next day, hoping for another peek of glory.

We have members of many denominations in all 50 states and 200 countries; we are Protestant and Catholic both. We provide Episcopal services for people rural and urban, rich and poor, shut-in and on the go; we offer a safe place for those who have been alienated and abused, and we’re a great place for questions and dialogue.

We are progressive and multicultural, justice-oriented and active in missions, including Haiti, Brazil, Liberia and the Rosebud Indian Reservation. We give away 10% of our budget – but we need your help to continue and expand.

Please pray with us, then consider a tax-deductible donation; we welcome gifts large and small, monthly and one-time-only. New contributions come directly to us and are no longer routed through the Diocese of Indianapolis.

Thank you for your support and your prayers; God bless us every one.++