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We are all about videos. We show them – and we make them. Eleven times a week we go live via webcast, and record our prayer services for playback on demand. We also make our own videos and post them on YouTube and Facebook.

Video is part of our mission. We use media to communicate the Word of God.

We are small, operating on a shoestring budget, but we are mighty. Here’s our latest from Deacon and Daily Office Missioner the Rev. Maria L. Evans of the Diocese of Missouri.

I know that dog; his name is Boomer. (His co-star is Little Eddie.)

Here’s one we made about why people should say Morning and Evening Prayer every day. We think the Daily Office is How to Get Closer to God™ – because that’s what it’s been in our own lives.

We post other people’s videos too, of course, and we encourage church members, groups, parishes and dioceses to produce their own. Let us know – leave us a comment – and maybe we’ll show it right here.

As Vicar I’m shocked by the paucity of progressive Christian videos in general, and Episcopal Church videos in particular, on YouTube. There are several people doing very good work – but you can count the number of parishes making regular use of video on one hand. Video is an afterthought to most Episcopalians; it isn’t in the parish budget. It should be! For a thousand bucks you can mount four high-quality cameras in the chancel and nave, and show off your beautiful services to the entire world. If Jesus had had a chance like that he’d have taken it!

Episcopalians also tend to be scrupulous (or over-scrupulous) about copyright law, and often that paralyzes us when it shouldn’t. And as everybody knows, Episcopalians are terrible, awful, no-good evangelists.

But look at this; Maria made it yesterday. Same idea, slightly different props; I teased her that she must have fantasized writing, “Starring Errol FLYNN and Olivia DA HAVILLAND,” with costumes by Edith HEAD.

But it’s just a simple statement of the Apostles’ Creed.

We’ve made two or three others, which I’ll also post here. Meanwhile, this:

We are evangelists. (That’s one reason you should support us.) We like to talk about Jesus. We like showing people, even more than talking; we like getting together in the Lord.

If you sing, write, act or organize, please make a video and send it to us. Maybe your video will encourage someone else to try it, and their video will influence someone to attend an event, contribute to a cause, learn about Jesus and help spread the word.

The great thing about video (and other electronic communication) is that even shy, private people can use it to talk about Jesus; and over time, in ways we’ll never know, our talking and acting will attract people to join us.

The Episcopal Church – and your church – has a great message. For God’s sake let’s stop hiding our Lord under a bushel basket and put him on video.

Yours on the Way,

Josh Thomas
August 21, 2016


And okay, Maria’s got a thing about the Apostles’ Creed here lately; here’s her first attempt seven months ago, one of our favorites.