The Terror- Infamy.Derek Mio & George Takei.8.12.19 Ed Araquel.AMC

“The Terror: Infamy” opens the second season of the American horror series with a story about Japanese-Americans – mostly citizens – forcibly interned in U.S. concentration camps during World War II. Actor George Takei, whose family was herded into a camp when he was a little boy, co-stars with Derek Mio; then weird, spooky things start happening, because zombies. It is the first time the imprisonment of Japanese-Americans has been dramatized on U.S. television; Takei, who has dedicated his life to telling stories of the camps, says he hopes the supernatural angle will draw viewers who wouldn’t otherwise sample the show. He praised the producers and designers for careful attention to details of life in the camps. The show debuts tonight on AMC. (Ed Araquel/AMC)

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