Cymbals.Zildjian.NorwellMA.400YrsArmenian.Kayana SzymczakNYT

For 400 years, since they first began supplying the Sultan of Turkey, one Armenian family has been manufacturing the world’s best cymbals; the inventor was given the name Zildjian, which means “son of the cymbal maker.” A descendant moved to Massachusetts as Turkish political conditions worsened before the Armenian genocide; to build his business he befriended famous musicians, who carried his instruments all over the world. They’re made from a secret alloy of tin, copper and silver; the family still guards the formula. (They also manufacture the K. Zildjian line, named for another ancestor.) Every cymbal sounds a little different, and once they’re finished, an expert pairs them to sound their best when they’re banged together. (Kayana Szymczak/The New York Times)

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