Andy Savage Marriage Conference

A woman recently accused this man, Andy Savage, a pastor at Highpoint Megachurch in Memphis, Tennessee, of sexual assault 20 years ago when she was 17 after he gave her a ride home from a church youth group. Last month as several U.S. celebrities lost their jobs because of sexual assaults and exploitation, she emailed him, “Do you remember that night?” He didn’t answer – so she went public on Facebook. Last Sunday he stood up at his megachurch and vaguely admitted to a “sexual incident” years earlier, which he claimed he took responsibility for, told church leaders about, etc. But he never apologized, then or now, and meanwhile he’s been paid to lead marriage enrichment events like the one above. Astonishingly, his Memphis church gave him a standing ovation for his big reveal. But he didn’t make things right; he didn’t talk to the woman; he is certainly no expert in how to conduct a relationship – and no one asked what he’s been up to lately with their teenage girls. The fundamentalist definition of sin has become so narrow that sex is the only topic left; admit the truth when you’re forced to, and all supposedly is well. Now after the publicity, a Christian publisher has decided to cancel his next book, “The Ridiculously Good Marriage,” and fundamentalists are belatedly realizing that men abusing their power to coerce women into sex isn’t just a Hollywood thing, it’s #ChurchToo. (screengrab from Marriage Ministry Conference, Watermark Community Church, Dallas, Texas)

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