Pope Francis has finished his six-day visitation to Colombia, where he seemed to make news every time he spoke: in favor of the peace agreement that ended a 50-year-old guerilla war, and the reintegration of FARC rebels into politics; encouraging the conservative hierarchy to go out, find sinners and welcome them; cautioning the bishops not to act “more like Pharisees than Jesus” when considering those who divorce and remarry in a civil ceremony; criticizing climate change deniers and Donald Trump’s proposal to end the legal status of “dreamers” brought illegally into the U.S. as children, saying the idea is not “pro-life and pro-family”; and ending with a plea to help those “still being sold as slaves.” On his last day he bumped his head on the Popemobile while reaching out to well-wishers, ending up with two bruises on his face. (Stefano Rellandrini/Reuters)

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