Joseph, one of the great heroes of the faith, took Christ’s crucified body and placed it in his own secure tomb – an act of love with an essential consequence; Christ couldn’t be resurrected credibly without his body being entirely accounted for. The time of death was also crucial; Joseph only had a short period to get Jesus into the tomb and seal it, before sundown and the Sabbath made all activity cease. (The Rev. Tobias S. Haller)

The Rev. Tobias S. Haller, BSG: Joseph of Arimathaea. It must have been dangerous to witness the Crucifixion and risk being identified as a sympathizer of a notorious criminal; most of the disciples (and all of the apostles) made themselves scarce. But the two Marys were there, along with Joseph, who dared to ask the governor for Christ’s body. Matthew tells us Joseph was a wealthy man, which may have helped convince Pilate to grant his request. We don’t know whether Joseph suffered for defying the mob, which was already excited on the Eve of Passover; it was a courageous thing to do.

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