Evangelism ’17: Our Internet Radio Startup


I have so much news to share that I must be concise. First, we are beginning a major new evangelistic push using internet radio; details below. Second, we continue to ask for your financial support for our current budget and services. We need another $12,000 to finish the year, and if you haven’t donated already (many have), we need your help; click here.

It isn’t expensive to start internet radio, and yesterday on Palm Sunday we engaged a provider at $20 a month. But it will cost money to do it right, the way we want it done and you do, and as the Lord deserves it to be done – principally for a professional project manager to oversee volunteer talent, programming and fundraising, following a business plan. We are moving into the beta stage; as we know more, we’ll announce it.

The start-up Daily Office Radio costs do not come out of this year’s budget, which is only $36,000. That’s where you come in. If you use our site on a regular basis – if you subscribe, then welcome and thank you for praying with us. Once a year we ask for $10 a subscriber (email or WordPress) – more if you can afford it, less if you can’t. Please pray about it – then click here. If you’ve already donated, thank you!

Now I’ll give you an overview of what all this means to us, to you and to me, as I see it. Why are we doing this? What is it all about?

First, we know as praying Christian people that using the Daily Office every day changes our lives. It transforms us as individuals, and it works even more when we’re part of a congregation; when we know people and are known by them, and can hear the voice of God in them.

It’s priceless. That’s why the Anglican Daily Office is part of John & Charles Wesley’s Methodism. They knew personally how the daily discipline of prayer deepens our relationship with God. Monks and nuns know it too; they developed it.

Thus as our effort on these websites has evolved the past 14 years, we have constantly sought to become more interactive, even as we have also sought to encourage each of our followers to be part of a Sunday and daily congregation where you live. We support the brick and mortar church – it IS the church – and we extend it beyond the walls by going online.

Anyone who can do websites can also do internet radio, and anyone who can do internet radio can also do internet TV – and we intend to do them all, quite frankly, because that is our charge from God. That is our vocation.

And as clearly as the Holy Spirit stopped me dead in my tracks back in August 2004, to “nominate me” to start up this website, she has called us to internet radio.

You don’t even have to take my word for it; ask everyone else we’ve bounced this off. We have an unmet need and a ready technology; let’s get to work.

I cannot count the times in the past month she has given me, Tom Welch and others the Holy Goosebumps to urge us along, and to support us every step of the way.

Listen to me testify here. I don’t know how else to say it.

Let me tell you one more thing: none of this would have happened without the prayers, nurture and support of our stellar Webcast Group. Seeing and hearing them every day, my ears are more open than ever to hearing the Lord when he calls. If he wants internet radio, and wants us to give it to him, then that’s what we do; enough said.

It sure worked out well for us the last time; here I am writing to 2,819 of you. Thank you for subscribing; don’t forget to click here.

Josh Thomas
Founder & Lay Vicar

The Daily Office is presented this year by the following donors.

Acolyte – under $50
Kathy Abbott
Sarah Adams, in memory of Flo Anne Moore; in honor of Dora Mazzola
Mary Barber
The Rev. Michelle Boomgaard
Hannah Bowman
Kathleen Bryant
Richard Burgess
Mark Bradley Cappetta, in honor of the Very Rev. Fr. John David van Dooren
Cliff Carr
Nancy C. Deutsch
Rachel Diem, in honor of the Community of the Gospel & the Order of Julian of Norwich
Lara Dreyer
Steven Ellis
Barrett Fisher
The Rev. Elizabeth Fowle
Gary Gee
Sarah Hartzell, in memory of Bob Burgess
Pr Dave Heckler
Patricia Henkel
Ann Higdon
Sandy Hudson, in honor of +Cate Waynick
Freda Iverson
Kammy and George
Sara Keeth
Nick Kuchcinski, in memory of all beloved family now enjoying eternal rest
Glenn, in honor of Margie McCaslin
Br. Jonathan Maury, SSJE
Jon Mittelstadt
Eric L. Miller, in memory of the Rev. Rick Rutledge
Anita Miner
The Rev. Robert C.V. Morris
The Rev. Roberta Morris
Janet Norden
Stephen Oakes, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. M. Wayne Oakes
Jennifer Oldstone-Moore
Barb Roth
Patti Sachs
The Rev. Deacon Leslie Scoopmire
Gary L. Short, in memory of Isaac Allen Tabler
Daniel Smith, in honor of Asta Smith; in memory of Alfred V. Battista
The Rev. R.F. Solon, Jr.
V. Thomas
Will Wauters, TSSF
William Weightman

Intercessor – $50 – 99
Grace M. Barge
Davidson Bidwell-Waite
Caroline Braun
Leslie Bryan, in memory of Billy Bryan, in honor of Connie Bryan
The Rev. Norman C. and A. Patricia Burke
Grace Burton-Edwards
The Rev. Denise Cabana
Jennifer Clyde
May B. Daw
Dorothy Dewing
The Rev. Dr. Christopher Dreisbach
Marilyn Engstrom
Linda Goertz
Patty Gotway
The Rev. Dr. Janine Howard
The Rev. Steven Kern (Canada), in memory of Lawrence & Martha Blum
Kersten Family
Elizabeth Koenig
Thomas LaFrance, in memory of Don LaFrance
Jill Littlefield
Steve LoCastro
The McAskill Family, in honor of John Alexander McAskill
Dale McNeill
Julie Morris, in honor of dailyoffice.org
The Rev. Susan Negrotto, in memory of Fr. John Negrotto
Nancy Parr
Morgan Ponder
Elizabeth Popplewell
The Rev. Deacon Susan Reeve
Joseph Scholtes
Ilia and Timothy Smith
Anna N. Walker
Susanne Woods

Lector – $100 – 249

Anonymous (Canada)
Brendan Barnicle
The Rev. Joan Beck
Jane Beebe
Ron Blaisdell
Elisabeth Bourdet
Libbye Brooks
Linda E. Brown, in memory of James W. Brown and Anthony D. Brown
Robert L. Buzzard
Jonathan Coffey, in memory of Hollis Hamilton Ambrose Corey
Allen Davis
Diane (Canada), in memory of Kevin
Ann Doebler
Robert and Josephine R. Giannini
Brian Gloe
Cara Gordon
Hilary Greene, in honor of Josh Thomas

Barbara Griffith-Powell, in honor of Jean I. Smith
Katherine Harper
Gail Hart
Fr. Robert Hughes
Eric Johnson
Harry Kelley
Jo Ann, in memory of Jesse
Lighthouse Literacy
Barry MacDowell
Brian L. MacFarland & Ian L. Bockus
Yvonne Morgan, in honor of the Jacksons, Pintos and Morgans
Joyce Palevitz
John H. Ryan, O.C.P.
Alison Saichek
Greg Seamon
Valerie Scott
Katrina Soto
Jerold Stadel
Marion W. Stodghill
The Rev. Sam Tallman
Victoria, in memory of Fitz Harvey
The Rev. Deacon Teresa Wakeen
Tom Welch
Francesca Wigle
Susanne Woods
The Rev. Gwynne Wright (UK)

Cantor – $250 – 499
Lisa C.
Michael Delaney
Jerry Fitzgerald
The Rev. Michael E. Hartney
Steve Helmreich
The Rev. R. R. Lutz
Nicholas Myers
Joan Rasch
Gregory Seamon
Josh Thomas
The Rev. Warner C. White

Gospeler – $500 – 999
Denise Clauss, to the glory of God
Robert Crane
Wyndeth Davis
Letha Tomes Drury
The Rev. Deacon Maria L. Evans
Clint Gilliland
The Rev. Anjel & Stu Scarborough

Missioner – $1000 – 2499
Tom Alloway/James Beckwith (Canada)
Linda Barry
Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
The Rev. Gwen Hetler and the Rev. Jim Livingston
R. Nikolaus Merrell, in honor of Espanol Costa Rica
Mark Nelson
Peter and Beverly Van Horne

Vestrymember – $2500 – 4999
The Rev. Michael Corrigan


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