Evangelism ’17 Update 2.13.17: One-Fourth of the Way to Our Goal; Daily Office Retreat March 2-5



I’m impressed. We raised $6000 last week for mission and evangelism and are now one-fourth of the way to our goal of $36,000 for this year. That’s fantastic!

And I must add at once that the total pledged will be considerably larger, but we don’t yet have records of some continuing pledges paid in January. I expect the number to jump in the next few days.

The main challenge seems to be getting our request in front of our 3400 subscribers often enough that they can act on it.

We ask $10 per subscriber per year – more if you can afford it, less if you can’t. We need your donations to continue publishing Morning & Evening Prayer in English & Spanish for the Eastern & Western Hemispheres, as well as our missionary projects in Haiti, Liberia, Brazil & the Rosebud Indian Reservation.

In U.S. Dollars.

In U.S. Dollars.

To donate, click here. And be sure to check the box if you’d like to honor or memorialize your loved ones. We print part of our donor list every Sunday morning, so your remembrance will be printed several times throughout the year.

In other news, we will hold our 2nd spiritual retreat Thursday-Sunday, March 2-5 at Camp Hardtner in Pollock, Louisiana; cost is just $200, and we’ll provide transportation to and from the airport in New Orleans.

Several of us will take a few days afterward for sightseeing in the New Orleans area, including a visit to the must-see Whitney Plantation and the antebellum cemetery at St. Francisville. We will share housing costs and still have 1-2 places free. Join us!


Again, thanks to all who pray with us. We’re doing everything we can think of to extend God’s kingdom, and we need your help!


Josh Thomas
Founder & Lay Vicar

P.S. All donations are tax-deductible. If you prefer to send a check, see the address in the sidebar, upper right. Thank you.

Here is the up to the minute list of donors for 2017 – folks who have already given money. We update it daily and publish again on Monday, February 20. Add your name!

Acolyte – under $50
The Rev. Michelle Boomgaard
Richard Burgess
Cliff Carr
Nancy C. Deutsch
Rachel Diem, in honor of the Community of the Gospel & the Order of Julian of Norwich
Steven Ellis
The Rev. Elizabeth Fowle
Gary Gee
Pr Dave Heckler
Ann Higdon
Kammy and George
Sara Keeth
Thomas LaFrance
Eric L. Miller, in memory of the Rev. Rick Rutledge
The Rev. Roberta Morris
Janet Norden
Stephen Oakes, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. M. Wayne Oakes
Patti Sachs
The Rev. R.F. Solon, Jr.
Will Wauters, TSSF

Intercessor – $50 – 99
Davidson Bidwell-Waite
Caroline Braun
Libbye Brooks
Leslie Bryan, in memory of Billy Bryan, in honor of Connie Bryan
The Rev. Denise Cabana
May B. Daw
The Rev. Dr. Christopher Dreisbach
Marilyn Engstrom
Patty Gotway
Jill Littlefield
Steve LoCastro
The McAskill Family, in honor of John Alexander McAskill
Dale McNeill
Julie Morris, in honor of dailyoffice.org
The Rev. Deacon Susan Reeve
Joseph Scholtes

Lector – $100 – 249

Brendan Barnicle
Ron Blaisdell
Elisabeth Bourdet
Jonathan Coffey, in memory of Hollis Hamilton Ambrose Corey
Ann Doebler
Hilary Greene, in honor of Josh Thomas
Gail Hart
Harry Kelley
Jo Ann, in memory of Jesse
Brian L. MacFarland & Ian L. Bockus
Joyce Palevitz
John H. Ryan, O.C.P.
Alison Saichek
Katrina Soto
The Rev. Deacon Teresa Wakeen
Francesca Wigle
Susanne Woods
The Rev. Gwynne Wright (UK)

Cantor – $250 – 499
Michael Delaney
The Rev. Michael E. Hartney
Steve Helmreich
The Rev. R. R. Lutz
Josh Thomas
The Rev. Warner C. White

Gospeler – $500 – 999
Letha Tomes Drury
Clint Gilliland
The Rev. Gwen Hetler
The Rev. Anjel & Stu Scarborough

Missioner – $1000 – 2499
Tom Alloway/James Beckwith (CANADA)
Linda Barry
Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
R. Nikolaus Merrell, in honor of Espanol Costa Rica

Vestrymember – $2500 – 4999
(Your Name Here)

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