Evangelism ’17 Update 2.6.17: Great Start!


(UPDATED February 6, 7, 8 and 11)

We kicked off our 2017 fundraising last Wednesday and already have received $9,225 of our $36,000 budget for Evangelism & Mission. That’s a great start and we’re grateful to our early donors.

Note too that this total does NOT include “carryover” pledges from our Support site last year – where someone donates $ X per month and wants to continue in 2017. We will receive an accounting of that money in a few days from the diocesan office in Indianapolis.

The total DOES include our earliest pledgers from 2-3 years ago. How can you tell? Look for your name below; it’s what we know so far, and we’ll know more soon, with constant updates and weekly summaries every Monday until we reach our goal.


We need your financial contributions so we can continue to produce Morning & Evening Prayer twice a day in English & Spanish, with services timed for Asia-Pacific and the Americas. We enjoyed a record-breaking year with 570 live webcasts, 3400 subscribers, 7.5 million emails, thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter, 2190 published services, and over 328,000 site visits, for an average weekly attendance of 6600.

This compares favorably to every Anglican and Episcopal church in the world – and at the lowest cost – $36,000 a year!


In U.S. Dollars.

In U.S. Dollars.

We don’t just “live for ourselves,” either. We’re actively engaged in mission in Haiti, Liberia, Brazil and the Rosebud Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. We keep children taught and fed at St. André’s School in Mithon, Haiti and the Anglican Social Centre in inner-city Brasilia; we keep elders from freezing to death in the harsh Dakota winters. We help train vital professional nurses in Liberia and Haiti. And we can’t do any of it without you.

Members of the Diocese of Indianapolis World Mission Committee have arrived in the Diocese of Brasilia and begun their pastoral tour with a visit to the after-school program at the Anglican Episcopal Social Center. My rector, the Rev. Dr. Bradley Pace, is standing next to Indianapolis Bishop Cate Waynick and the committee chair, the Rev. Jeffrey Bower of St. John’s, Speedway; further right, wearing a pectoral cross, is Bishop Mauricio Andrade of Brasilia, whose attention has been drawn to the children. The after-school program is Brasilia is one of the Daily Office mission projects this year, and committee members carried our gift and prayers with them. Both bishops are familiar faces at this center; their dioceses are mission partners. (World Mission Committee, Diocese of Indianapolis)

Members of the Diocese of Indianapolis World Mission Committee visiting last year with children and the respective bishops of Indianapolis and Brasilia at the after-school program at the Anglican Episcopal Social Center. We’re proud to support this program which reaches so many kids. (World Mission Committee, Diocese of Indianapolis)

Please look over our 2017 Evangelism & Mission budget, pray about it, and click here to make your one-time donation or ongoing monthly pledge. We ask a minimum of $10 per year from every subscriber – more if you can, less if you can’t.

Our goal is not just to cover our expenses but to extend God’s kingdom beyond the walls of the institutional church. Won’t you help us? Just click here.

Donations are tax-deductible under U.S. law and can be made anywhere in the world. (And yes, checks are welcome; see the address in the sidebar, upper right.)

Thank you,

Br. Josh Thomas
Founder & Lay Vicar

Here is today’s list of donors for 2017 – folks who have already given money. We update it daily and publish again on Monday, February 13. Add your name!

Acolyte – under $50
The Rev. Michelle Boomgaard
Richard Burgess
Cliff Carr
Nancy C. Deutsch
Rachel Diem, in honor of the Community of the Gospel & the Order of Julian of Norwich
Steven Ellis
The Rev. Elizabeth Fowle
Gary Gee
Pr Dave Heckler
Ann Higdon
Kammy and George
Sara Keeth
Thomas LaFrance
Eric L. Miller, in memory of the Rev. Rick Rutledge
The Rev. Roberta Morris
Janet Norden
Stephen Oakes, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. M. Wayne Oakes
Patti Sachs
The Rev. R.F. Solon, Jr.
Will Wauters, TSSF

Intercessor – $50 – 99
Davidson Bidwell-Waite
Caroline Braun
Libbye Brooks
Leslie Bryan, in memory of Billy Bryan, in honor of Connie Bryan
The Rev. Denise Cabana
May B. Daw
The Rev. Dr. Christopher Dreisbach
Marilyn Engstrom
Patty Gotway
Jill Littlefield
Steve LoCastro
The McAskill Family, in honor of John Alexander McAskill
Dale McNeill
Julie Morris, in honor of dailyoffice.org
The Rev. Deacon Susan Reeve
Joseph Scholtes

Lector – $100 – 249

Brendan Barnicle
Ron Blaisdell
Elisabeth Bourdet
Jonathan Coffey, in memory of Hollis Hamilton Ambrose Corey
Ann Doebler
Hilary Greene, in honor of Josh Thomas
Gail Hart
Harry Kelley
Jo Ann, in memory of Jesse
Brian L. MacFarland & Ian L. Bockus
Joyce Palevitz
John H. Ryan, O.C.P.
Alison Saichek
Katrina Soto
The Rev. Deacon Teresa Wakeen
Francesca Wigle
Susanne Woods
The Rev. Gwynne Wright (UK)

Cantor – $250 – 499
Michael Delaney
The Rev. Michael E. Hartney
Steve Helmreich
The Rev. R. R. Lutz
Josh Thomas
The Rev. Warner C. White

Gospeler – $500 – 999
Letha Tomes Drury
Clint Gilliland
The Rev. Gwen Hetler
The Rev. Anjel & Stu Scarborough

Missioner – $1000 – 2499
Tom Alloway/James Beckwith (CANADA)
Linda Barry
Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis
R. Nikolaus Merrell, in honor of Espanol Costa Rica

Vestrymember – $2500 – 4999
(Your Name Here)


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