The stole we bought for our new deacon the Rev. Dr. Maria L. Evans, ordained a week ago at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, Missouri; design by Jeff Wunrow. She wanted it green so it would be a “working stole,” but she can’t wear it yet because for a few more hours, the liturgical color is purple or blue. She has to wait to wear it, and we have to wait for a picture of her in it, until the Second Sunday after Epiphany!

2 thoughts on “marias-stole

  1. Christmas blessings, Josh! Can you tell me where you purchased this beautiful stole? (my ordination is next June…) Thanks and peace to you and yours. Patti


  2. Hi Patti! Jeff Wunrow Designs is located at Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis, and the website is here:

    I ordered two months before Maria’s ordination and the stole was done two weeks ahead of time. When an ice storm hit and I couldn’t get there, Jeff mailed it to Maria at his own expense. She’s very happy with it and is counting down the days until she gets to wear it!


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