We are praying fervently today that no violence will occur at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota, where hundreds of Native American tribe members, now joined by hundreds of U.S. military veterans, are trying to block the completion of a big oil pipeline under the giant Missouri River, the tribe’s only water source. The main conflict now is less with the government or the pipeline company than with the county sheriff, whose officers are armed to the teeth and itching for a fight. Missionary priests from the area representing the highest levels of the Episcopal Church, including our own Mother Lauren Stanley, are on hand as chaplains to the protesters to try to de-escalate police violence. Above, the scene two weeks ago, where all the firepower was in the hands of the police, who injured and arrested hundreds. Friday night the Obama Administration sent in Federal mediators to try to cool things off, but the sheriff is publicly defiant. Please pray with us for the safety of all, demonstrators and police officers alike. (Stephanie Keith/Reuters)

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