Tom Hayden became famous in 1968 as one of the Chicago 7, who were arrested and blamed for a police riot against antiwar demonstrators during the Democratic National Convention. But he was a peace, justice and civil rights activist long before that and long afterward. Raised Catholic, he discovered student activism at the University of Michigan, joined the Freedom Riders in 1960, met Martin Luther King Jr. and the Kennedys, and helped register African-American voters in the South. After his mentors were assassinated he turned his focus to opposing the Vietnam War, going so far as to appear in a Communist propaganda movie with then-wife Jane Fonda, which he later regretted. He ran for high office several times, kept losing and narrowed his sights to local issues, winning a seat in the California state legislature and serving for 20 years on neighborhood, consumer and energy issues. (Michael Ochs Archives)

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