A new report on the U.S. Indian Health Service is out, with results that won’t shock anyone paying attention: America’s indigenous peoples have some terrible health outcomes because the clinics are dilapidated, underfunded and understaffed – and have been that way for decades. The facilities are small and located (with the reservations themselves) far from urban areas where specialists see patients. The average lifespan is five years shorter than for white Americans; Natives are five times more likely to die of alcohol-related conditions, 4.5 times more likely to die of tuberculosis, twice as likely to be killed in a car crash, 86% more likely to be homicide victims and 60% more likely to kill themselves. The Obama Administration has increased funding by over 50% since 2008, but it will take years to overcome the maintenance backlog alone. Above: file photo of a physician treating a woman at the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes Owyhee Community Health Facility, Nevada, in 2013. (Darin Oswald/Washington Post)

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