This is a small, low-resolution image taken 20 September at Episcopal Church headquarters in New York City, of our own Martha Kelley, left, and Vicar Josh Thomas next to her, presenting a symbolic check to the American Friends of Cuttington University in Liberia, establishing a scholarship in nursing in Martha’s honour; she was in the inaugural class of Cuttington nurses who received B.S.N. degrees in the 1960s. We had hoped to receive a higher resolution image from the Presiding Bishop’s office, but this is what they sent, and we publish it now so our Daily Office audience can see: we have fulfilled our mission pledges for 2016. Other mission partners include an after-school program in the Diocese of Brasilia; the Rosebud Episcopal Mission on the Lakota Reservation in South Dakota; and Lunches and Lessons at St. André’s School, Mithon, Haiti. (We are still waiting to hear how the church and school were affected by the recent deadly hurricane in Haiti.) Thank you for your support. (Sellers Kennington, Office of the Presiding Bishop)

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