Every year on All Souls’ Day we highlight the patron saints of this site, my mentors in the Church Army: the evangelists Ervin Faulkenberry, Howard E. Galley Jr., the Rev. Sr. Brooke Bushong, Tom Tull and Bob Gillespie. The late Ervin Faulkenberry, my first mentor in the faith, took Roland Allen’s advice about identifying and empowering local leaders when he arrived in my home parish – including me, even though I was just a teenager. Today everything we do on this site comes from something Ervin taught me, once a week for three years. He was smart, funny, kind, shrewd, a master teacher and raconteur, courageous civil rights leader and missionary for Christ. He was also totally committed to his Second Amendment right to fire off his potato gun whenever he felt like it, though he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. (family photo)

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