Systematic religious oppression continues in Myanmar in advance of President Obama’s visit there next week, with militant Buddhists and corrupt government officials making life miserable for Rohingyas, members of a Muslim minority. The Rohingyas have lived there since the British Empire ruled the entire subcontinent of India, with all its religions, in the 19th century. But now Myanmar says they are not citizens unless they can prove they have lived there since 1948, and has enacted a resettlement plan including squalid refugee camps; the alternative is bribing police and immigration officials for a place on a rickety boat to take people to Thailand, where it costs several thousand dollars more to get to Malaysia, where their presence is tolerated. If they can’t pay in Thailand, most will be enslaved. Religious oppression, like other forms based on race, gender and sexual orientation, is the same everywhere: those in power want to get rich off the minority, by passing laws and telling lies about God’s will. (Tomas Munita/The New York Times)

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